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    Welcome to nickspot.net ........ my own tiny little spot on the 'net.
    My name is Nick. I am a Network Engineer at one of the largest Telcommunication companies on earth - AT&T. I proud to be a part of our Network Planning & Engineering, managing the U.S. largest DSL network.

    On top of my engineering functions, I also develop and manage database-driven Intranet web sites hosting in-house tools, utilizing IT-managed ColdFusion front-end / MS SQL back-end platform.

    I am an Internet enthusiast who like to get into all kinds of fascinating web applications, be XHTML, javaScript, AJAX, jQuery, anything & everything out there.

    I am happily married to my wife, Dawn and we are living in the beautiful city of Pasadena (think: Rose Bowl, Roses Parade, Caltech, JPL, Big Bang Theory), northeast of downtown Los Angeles, California.

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    ColdFusion - This spot is designated as my ColdFusion testing ground (my WebHosting server is currently running CF10 & mySQL 5) and it is expected to be unstable, so it's closed to the public. If you come back and the site looks funky, it's most likely 'cause I've screwed somthing up. :-)

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    Disclaimer: I consider myself a Coder and definitely not a Programmer.

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